What is Agape?

Agape is a Christian foster care and adoption agency that seeks to provide Christians with a way of carrying out the desire to mirror God’s heart for the vulnerable child. Our name comes from the original New Testament language word for “unconditional love”. We seek to show that Agape love in our ministry to vulnerable children and expectant parents.



As a ministry of Jesus Christ, Agape’s mission is that vulnerable and orphaned children find permanency in safe, nurturing families.

Since 1978, Agape has helped more than 2,000 children through foster care, and more than 250 children through the permanency of a Christian adoptive family. We have counseled hundreds of pregnant women facing unexpected pregnancies to make the best choice for their future and the baby’s future.

Agape is a non-profit 501(c)3 agency whose staff and board are all faithful Christians. The majority of Agape’s funding is provided through donations from churches and individuals.



Cathy Gerachis, Chair
Joe Donaldson, Vice Chair
Stephen Presley, Treasurer
Andrew Itson, Secretary
Sang Chung
Gloria Gibbons

Kenneth Hill
Kasey Oakley
David Parsons
Wendy Plunkett
Joseph VanZandt
Barry Wiginton


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