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Agape’s foster care ministry seeks Christ-centered families who can provide safe, caring, comfortable homes for children currently in the custody of Alabama’s Department of Human Resources or other children who need temporary shelter.



Foster parents are ordinary people who do extraordinary things in the lives of children. They offer love, understanding, education, and compassion to children separated from their family due to abuse, neglect, or substance abuse in the home.

Children may stay in foster care for years, weeks, or days. Agape needs foster parents who can help children return to their families when possible or possibly provide a forever home.

Keeping Sibling Bonds Strong: Your relationship with your siblings is the longest lasting relationship of your life. Agape values keeping brothers and sisters together. Enhanced Foster Care is a special program designed to keep large sibling groups (4+ siblings) together in specially equipped foster homes.

Enhanced foster homes receive additional support and training to meet the needs of the children. They also receive a supplemental stipend to meet the financial needs of a large sibling group.


Call or email the office closest to you and tell us about you and your  interest in fostering.  Go ahead and add questions you may have.

Soon,  you’ll hear from an Agape social worker in response to your inquiry. They will provide you with information to help you assess if moving forward with foster care is right for your family at this time. All Agape foster families must live lives consistent with Agape’s statements of Affirmation & Faith.

To become a licensed foster parent you’ll need to complete required foster parent training. Upon completion your family can start the home study process toward approval and licensure.

Agape offers foster parent training at various locations throughout the state at varying times of year. If you have completed training with another agency, your training may transfer to Agape with proper documentation. Foster parents are required to be certified in CPR and First Aid.

   After they are approved, foster parents must also log 15 hours per year of continuing education, through Agape-sponsored events, conferences, approved independent study, and numerous other training opportunities. 

For more information on Agape’s foster parent program, please contact the worker at the office nearest you.

Birmingham and Tuscaloosa Angie Blackwell, Grace Richardson , Olivia Fletcher


Wiregrass Angie Brabham 334-393-1990

Montgomery Amy Corwin, Angel Hill 334-272-9466


Throughout Alabama, children desperately—and immediately—need a safe, loving, comfortable home, even if only for a time. In these stories, you’ll see how families have opened their homes and hearts to foster children in need.


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