What is an adoption reunion?

When Agape places a child with a family, our goal is that the adoptive family and birth family will maintain at least a minimal level of openness.  This isn’t always easy and sometimes, it simply isn’t possible.  Which means that at some point in time, adoptees or birth families seek to reconnect and often, Agape is part of that process.

Kelly Curry, Agape’s Child and Family Therapist, works with adult adoptees and birth families in their search to reunite. 

Agape averages 3-4 requests per year for help in reunifying families and Kelly works with them to process each unique situation.  First she confirms that it was an Agape adoption and if it was done elsewhere she gives resources on how they can proceed with their original agency.  If it is an Agape adoption she meets with the adult adoptee or whoever requested the reunion to talk through the thoughts and emotions that will arise during the reunification process.

After this in person meeting…

Kelly does the research to find the connection to birth family and then reaches out to them.  She says it’s some of the most rewarding times for her when a birth parent answers back and is excited about connecting with their child. Many have remembered and cherished their child’s birthday each year and want to see how they are doing now. If all involved are ready to participate in this reunion, a meeting is arranged.  Sometimes Agape is there as support and sometimes only the adoptee and birth parent are present.

Agape has been part of adoptions for over 40 years now. This ministry is here for the duration of a child’s journey and as adult adoptees come to us we want to be there for them just as we were at the start of their lives. Agape doesn’t charge fees for this part of our ministry.  We are able to provide this important service because of your support.

If you would like to know more about an adoption reunion, contact Kelly Curry at kcurry@agapeforchildren.org.


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