The Light in Their Eyes

This Little Light of Mine…many of us know this song.  You probably started singing it when you read the words! I was taught from a very young age to let my “light shine.” I was fortunate to have a mom who made sure I knew the love of Christ and how important it was to pass that message along to as many folks as I could. At Agape, we make it our mission to ensure every child we serve through foster care is exposed to this love.

In the summer of 2019, I met a sibling group of four. Two beautiful girls and two handsome boys. They were placed in one of our foster homes late one night following a long flight from another state. They were scared and confused, but our Agape foster parents met them with gentle smiles that helped to ease their transition. 

This began a long year of ups and downs.

You see, children have the unique ability to reframe negative situations they have experienced and to make it THEIR fault! As if it could ever be a child’s fault that they were abused or neglected, right? But that’s exactly what these sweet babies did. They blamed themselves for the abuse they had suffered at the hands of those charged with protecting them. They blamed themselves for being behind in school and for not knowing how to perform routine tasks …the list just went on and on! 

But our Agape foster parents were invested. They fell in love with these kids and were dedicated to helping them succeed. These parents had committed themselves to understand how trauma impacts children and they advocated for these children to have the very best therapist in the area to help them walk through past trauma. They made sure the children attended all the necessary appointments. At one point the family had over twenty-five appointments a month! One appointment that the parents made sure to attend regularly was church each Sunday morning. 

When the children first came to this home the foster mom told me they had no knowledge of God.

They had never heard the creation story or the truth about Jesus’ death and resurrection.  They found it hard to fathom that someone loved them enough to die for them! Their foster parents gave them their first Bibles and they eagerly read God’s word and asked lots of questions. These foster parents did not push and made sure they knew that a relationship with Christ was THEIR decision. Their choice. 

Not only were these kids blown away by the love of Christ but they were astounded by this new community of believers who wrapped them in love every chance they had. They became a part of a physical family but they also became a part of a faith family who loved and accepted them for who they were. They celebrated with these kiddos when they reached new milestones and were patient and understanding through struggles. The change in their faces over the course of a year was truly a blessing to see! 

So that brings me back to the sweet little song…This Little Light of Mine. One day I got a video message from their foster mom. The kids were all standing around the table doing their school work. They were singing This Little Light of Mine! But it was more than just four children singing a song they learned at church.

It was four beautiful souls who were at peace, feeling safe enough to let their guard down in their home and sing about the beautiful light that was now shining in their eyes.

This is what Agape is about. We don’t want to just provide a home for vulnerable children, we want to introduce each child we serve to the everlasting love of our Heavenly Father…a light nobody can ever take away from them. 

Those two beautiful girls and two handsome boys were adopted by their foster parents in October 2020 and are doing very well. Please continue to pray for this family as they seek to let their light shine in their community.  

About the Author:

Amy Corwin has been the Director of Foster Care at Agape for over two years and has served the Montgomery community as a Social Worker since 1998. She feels “called” to Social Work and foster care, in particular. She is a married mom of three who loves camping, travel, and her church family.   


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