Serving Moms Together during COVID-19

The last few months all of us have experienced some disruption in our lives from the effects of COVID-19.  The impact has been substantially greater on expectant mothers in crisis. Many of these women don’t have healthy and strong support systems. Agape maternity social workers step in to be the support system in these women’s lives whether they choose to parent or make an adoption plan. During this unusual time, our staff have maintained this role through phone calls, text and by being present in ways that meet social distancing requirements to ensure that they know that they are not alone.

A few months ago, one expectant mother lost her job due to circumstances outside of her control.  This left her without income, with one child and one on the way. Her plan was to move back to her hometown where she could be closer to family and get a safer job. When the state began to shelter in place, her situation became even more dire. The process for affordable housing in her hometown stalled and she was stuck. During this time, Agape helped to meet her family’s basic needs and helped her make connections to other resources in her area. By God’s grace, she was recently approved for housing earlier than expected in her hometown, and she was able to move into her home. Several Agape supporters helped provide some of the essentials for her new home.   She has now found a job in her community to provide for her family.  This mom is going to be able to provide permanency for her children due to the support of Agape.

If you are aware of an expectant parent in crisis, contact our maternity social workers, call or text these numbers.

Riley Cowell – 334-322-5409

Edie Kortman -205-834-3975


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