Praying Together

Please join us as we pray for the children and families we serve in the ministry of Agape.  Below is a prayer guide to help you focus on each aspect of the services we provide.

Prayer Guide

For Expectant Parents/Birth Parents

  • Pray for expectant parents as they make the best decision for them and their children.
  • For moms who made an adoption plan as they process and grieve.
  • For healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries.
  • For moms to be connected to social support
  • For moms who are struggling to find employment.
  • For moms to be be connected to Jesus and a supportive church.

For Adoptive Parents

  • Pray for adoptive families to find peace during the waiting time.
  • Pray for healthy support systems for adoptive families, especially their family and their church.
  • Adoptive families’ ease in developing attachment with the child(ren) placed with their family.
  • For relationships between birth families and adoptive families.

For Therapy Clients

  • For children who have faced past trauma to find healing through therapy.
  • For healing in relationships that are strained.
  • For parents as they therapeutically parent their children that have experienced trauma…for peace, provision and energy to continue to do the hard work.

For Foster Children

  • Pray for foster children to have good health.
  • For their emotions during separation from birth family.
  • Children having limited visits with birth families due to recent precautions.
  • Wisdom for Judges, DHR social workers and others making decisions about children’s futures.
  • Pray for school challenges foster children may face in forming new relationships with teachers and friends, and academically staying on track.
  • To have salvation and  hope in Jesus.

For Foster Parents and families

  • Pray for foster families to have patience and compassion.
  • For foster parents to have healthy marriages.
  • Prayers for good self-care during a stressful times.
  • For foster families to have consistent support systems.
  • For foster parents to have stable jobs and income.
  • For foster parents as they deal with education changes due to COVID-19.

For Agape Staff

  • Pray for Agape staff’s health and safety.
  • For wisdom and discernment in making decisions about families and children.
  • For endurance when days are hard.

For Partner Churches

  • Pray for partnering churches as they support the Agape staff and ministry.
  • For the ministers and leaders in churches to have God’s vision for their churches.
  • For churches and individual Christians to have the ability to partner with Agape in order to impact more lives.

Written Prayer

Prayers are powerful.  We would invite you to write your prayers down that we can share with those we serve.

If you would like to contribute a written prayer for the staff, an expectant parent/birth parent, foster or adoptive family please email it to or mail it to: Agape Prayers, P.O. Box 230472, Montgomery, AL 36123


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