New Book To Benefit Agape’s Ministry

My friend, Mitch Henry, is one of the best communicators I know. Whether he is speaking or writing, he has a way of making stories come to life. I am so excited that he has put this gift to use in his new book, Cross Connections: Where’s Jesus? In this book Mitch shows how the overarching message of the Bible points to Jesus again and again.

I am honored that he has chosen to give the net proceeds from the sale of this book to further Agape of Central Alabama’s mission of providing permanency to vulnerable children in safe, nurturing families. You can learn more about the book at

In Montgomery; you can buy the book at the Perry Hill location of Adams Drugs or at the Montgomery Agape office.

Spending time with Mitch is always a blessing. Spending time with this book is no different.

Steve Duer


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