Ministry Partner Spotlight: First Baptist Church of Prattville

Family Advocacy Ministry

Sometimes we see a glimpse of God as a conductor, carefully and purposely moving people in new directions, while simultaneously moving in the hearts of others. At Agape, we have a front row view of churches who are answering the call of God to care for orphans and widows in their distress. One of these churches is the First Baptist Church of Prattville. It is no coincidence that they have recently launched a very active Family Advocacy Ministry. From the first moment we connected with them, it was very obvious God had orchestrated this amazing group of caring church members, bringing them together at just the right time and placing the same call in each of their hearts. Together as a group they dreamed and planned, while seeking information on how best to serve and raise up new foster and adoptive families in their region. Not only were they seeking to equip families, they also were intent on serving the front-line workers in local DHS roles. 

Here are some key ways FBC of Prattville worked to launch a successful Family Advocacy Ministry: 

1. Church staff on-board and supportive

2. Team of church members ready to engage and share in a common vision

3. Multiple team members participate in Advocate Training provided by Promise686

4. Identify strengths and ministry desires already present within congregation

5. Develop a ministry action plan (MAP) with clear, achievable, goals and events.

Here’s a glimpse of how the ministry staff at FBC of Prattville described the beginning efforts of their Family Advocacy Ministry. Julie Parmer, Church Administrator, shared the following in April of 2021: 

This Sunday we will be launching our ministry! We are super excited to see God’s plan play out and participate in it! We are issuing a “Call to Care” invitation and opportunity to sign-up to learn more, be a part of a prayer team, a care community or receive training to be a foster, adoptive or respite home. Already our MOM’s LIFE group was able to take sixty baskets down to Autauga County DHR for Easter!

In June we will begin the book study, Ready or Not, with the individuals who feel that they would like to be trained to be foster parents. Alabama Baptist Children’s Home will facilitate TIPS training classes on our campus beginning September 5th.

Our first Care Community Orientation will be held in June and our prayer team will also begin meeting in June. They will meet and pray weekly for the 10 weeks that parents are doing TIPS training. This team will also be responsible for praying for and loving on local DHR workers and others who directly impact the life of children in crisis.”

Julie followed up with this message after their Call to Care invitation, “We will be training approximately fifty people to be a part of a Care Community, twenty-two will be a part of a prayer team and eighteen families would like to become TIPS trained!” 

This response to the Call to Care invitation is the fruit of the planning and efforts given by the Advocate Team. God’s purpose and plan unfolded beautifully in the hearts and minds of his people. We at Agape are cheering them on and supporting them as they continue their Family Advocacy Ministry.   



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