Growing Roots through Foster Care

Being removed from family, even when it is in the children’s best interest, is scary. The children leave the comfort of the known for the uncertainty of the unknown. This is the story of a sibling group of four children who were on this turbulent journey. They had been removed from their home in early 2018 and placed with a family member in another state. Unfortunately, that wasn’t a safe place, either, and in June 2019, they walked off a plane, and were taken to the home of Don and Christina Morgan. The Morgans were foster parents in Agape’s Enhanced Foster Care (EFC) program which helps sibling groups of four or more stay together.

A great deal has happened in the more-than-a-year since the children were placed with the Morgans. The first few months were a tough adjustment for everyone, but the Morgans were committed to the children and stayed the course. As they continued to do what was needed for the children, the siblings began to feel safe and secure. Now, the children have caught up to grade level in school. They participate in gymnastics and martial arts. They are involved in therapy to help them heal from past traumas. All of that makes for a very busy schedule, but the Morgans also have found time for the most important things. The family is active in their local church. The children have been introduced to Jesus and are growing in their relationship with Him.

On October 19th, 2020, the Morgans’ friends and family filled the courtroom for the hearing to finalize the adoption of the children — children, who began a journey unsure of where they were going and now have a family who is committed to helping them grow deep roots.


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