From our Executive Director

We have all been there: frustrated, overwhelmed, and ready to give up. Then someone who cares about us says, “Let’s try to see if we can do this together.” Suddenly, the problem doesn’t seem as daunting.  Our attitude becomes more hopeful because we are not alone. Sharing our burdens makes the difficult times more manageable. Together makes a difference.  This year, Agape has had the opportunity to walk  alongside hurting children and expectant parents in crisis. Agape has been honored to help. We have met them in the midst of the struggle and have said, “Let’s try going through this together.” Working together not only benefited those in need, but it also benefited Agape. As a result of our partnering with those who are in need, we have had the privilege of seeing God moving and working in midst of this world’s  brokenness.

Our annual report will share just a taste of the impact Agape has witnessed this year. Impact that has happened because you have seen the brokenness of this world, and you have joined Agape’s staff, foster parents, and adoptive parents to say, “Let’s try and see if we can do this together.”

Thank you for your prayers for and support of Agape. Click here to read our full 2019 Annual Report newsletter and find out how Together we make a difference.


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