Foster Parents Reflect The Love of Christ

Our foster parents do more than take care of the basic needs of children.  So much more! Last week, I got to watch one of our foster moms interact with the biological family of her foster children after a visit.  Visits can be tough places to form relationships.  The biological family can feel threatened.  They may try to hide their shame behind anger.  It is very hard to be told that you are not able to care for your children.  But relationships have to be formed because change takes place in relationship.

As the visit wrapped up, the Agape foster mom was so kind and gentle as she talked with the family about how the children were doing in her home. She told them of doctors’ visits, of rashes that were getting better, of eating habits, of sleeping habits, and of nap times. I stood outside the door watching in awe as she reflected the love of Christ to this hurting family.  At the end of the visit, the biological family and the foster mother all walked out together still talking. The children were happy knowing the adults in their lives all cared about what happened to them. It was a beautiful moment of grace. This story isn’t finished yet.  There is still much more work to be done and we have no way of knowing what the future holds.  But we know this relationship is off to the right start because of the grace and love shown by the Agape foster mother.

We are so blessed to have great Christian foster parents as ministry partners. We are looking for more families to join our ministry.  People who feel called to minister to children in crisis.  For more information on becoming a foster parent, contact Amy. Please join us in praying for our Agape foster families and for God to call others to answer his call to care for vulnerable children and their families.


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