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Someone Forgot To Tell Joey

Joey came from a hard place, born drug addicted, soon abandoned, and then into foster care. Over the years, doctors told his foster parents, who would later become his adoptive parents, that strenuous activities just were not going to be possible for Joey. But someone forgot to tell Joey.facebook951460757959149

Jerry and Michelle Riggs [featured in the Winter 2013 Newsletter] are foster parents with Agape, and have served for many years as EFC parents [see EFC article, page 2]. Of the 93 children they have cared for in their home, Joey was the first, and one of 14 they have adopted.
Joey is a senior at West Point High School, and has excelled at track. “Whenever I’m stressed I go for a run,” Joey says. He has been awarded three different scholarships because of the way he has excelled both academically and athletically. He plans to attend UNA in the fall, with a business major and religious studies minor.

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