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Adopting From Foster Care

Our adoption journey had some ups and downs, but ended with so many blessings. We were surprised at both the doors God shut and the ones he opened through the process. We felt certain we were called to international adoption in the beginning – He closed that door. HogglewebThen we felt like infant domestic adoption was what He had placed on our hearts, but that was not the case either. Turns out, He had a precious preschool boy waiting to come home! I’m not sure we remember what life was like prior to our wild man.

For anyone who is interested in adopting or fostering a child, please consider what we’ve learned. First, do not be afraid. You will have an unbelievable community of support surrounding you. Accept help, and lean on your support group.

Second, do not hesitate to ask for help. There will be times when you need it. Help is just a phone call away! The hardest part is making the phone call to ask.

Third, do not be discouraged! Adoption brings about spiritual warfare and the enemy will pull out all he has to deter you from continuing in the journey. Stay on your face before The Lord. When you make the commitment to adopt, you must understand it is for life…through the sunshine and the storms!

By Jasmine Hoggle, adoptive mom